// Welcome //

Welcome /

Hi, thanks for checking out my new blog. Finntravels is all about my travels, lifestyle and experiences over the next year and beyond.

I’m Finn Caldwell. Starting university two years ago was my passport to doing more travelling, skiing and photography – the last two are definitely work in progress!

I decided to unleash my blog on an unsuspecting world to record the next year of my life, a year which is shaping up to be a really exciting time in my life. I’m taking part in the Erasmus Exchange programme to Oulu in Finland. It’s a great opportunity and one that I’m really looking forward to embracing. Finland will be a first for me with lots of new things to discover and enjoy. As well as studying there and exploring the country, I’ll have the chance to travel to surrounding countries.

After months of mentally planning and packing, I’m looking forward to getting starting and sharing with you all my news and views about the whole experience of being a Finn in Finland!  I’m planning to stick to two main topics in my blog: Travel and Lifestyle.

Watch this space, it’s going to be an exciting year and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.


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