// December Favourites //

Hey guys!

// Sorry for the lack of communication since the first post, seems ages ago! I’ve been hugely busy the last few months, finishing my 1st semester University work, preparing for Erasmus (more on that at the end of this post) and of course, spending time with family and friends throughout the festive period. In saying that here is the next instalment of Finn Travels, I hope you enjoy it. //

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the festive session with your loved ones. For this post I thought I would write a blog post with a few of my December favourites. Hopefully something this is something that might feature again in the summer, but for the moment, here it is.

Favourite song/artist:

“This Christmas Day” // Amy MacDonald.

In the last few years I’ve become a listener of a good few genres of music. My taste shifts around but over the last month I’ve really enjoying listening to chilled out, easy music.

Amy McDonald is as Scottish as you can get, and I have fond memories of listening to her in car journeys throughout my childhood.

Amy has realised a huge number of singles and has had wide success and is best known for folk and Celtic inspired music.

This song is a new firm favourite from Amy. This song has a good reason for being realised and it’s to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s. An illness that affected Amy’s family last year, when her Grandmother passed away to the illness.

Give the song a listen and it’s guaranteed to pull on the heart strings.


Taste // St. Andrews


A firm favourite of mine and a must for a visit every time I’m home. It’s a great place to study, chill out or just watch the world go past.

It serves great coffee, food and most importantly cake, at prices that don’t break the bank. Perfect for the hungry student!

A very good place to add to your St Andrews bucket list if you’ve not been or ever passing through.

Taste 2.0 (1 of 1)Taste 1.0 (1 of 1)

Favourite Instagram accounts:

@ellie_innes // @thelostboysmedia

These are two of my good friends and it’s fair to say that they both take ace pictures, which I find hugely inspirational.

Ellie is studying Contemporary Art Practice at Grays School of Art and Angus is now travelling, making some pretty cool videos over on his YouTube account.

Photo 19-12-2017, 5 03 23 pmPhoto 19-12-2017, 5 03 36 pm

Photo 19-12-2017, 5 03 07 pmPhoto 19-12-2017, 5 03 56 pm

Go give them a wee follow and see if they can inspire you.


Favourite book:

 Around the World in 80 Days // Jules Verne.

This book is a new one for me and was given a present a few years ago. I’m now wondering why I’ve only just picked it up.

This is a classic book that has inspired generations of adventurers . It’s a tale of an extraordinary man who embraces to travel around the world in eighty days.

It’s a book of travel, wit and luck, so probably why I’ve fallen into it so well. A great read for anyone wanting to lose themselves in imagination and travel.


Favourite skill:

With December being my last month in Scotland and in preparation before I head off to Finland for Erasmus I thought I should learn some basic Finnish.

The course I’m doing is provided for students who take part in an exchange program and are so far proving, invaluable.

There is also another Finnish language website that I’ve been using which is completely free: https://www.finnishpod101.com/index.php

Learning the main language of the country I’ll be living in is something I feel very important as respect to locals, as well as an essential part of why I’m doing Erasmus.


Favourite new toys:

This is arguably the most exciting section for me. December was the month in which after 5 years of skiing I finally bit the bullet and invested in my first ski set up!!

I’m not going to share any massive details or pictures of it right now, but I want to do an individual post on this in the coming months. However, I will say it is Atomic which I’m very excited about.

Stay tuned on my Instagram and there’ll be a sneak peek of pictures at some point soon.

There is also some exciting news in the photography department. Before I head off to Finland I have made the move to a DSLR. This is something I’ve wanted to happen for the last year and after testing a few different models I am finally moving into the Canon market with the 700D. Expect new levels of pictures very soon!!


Lastly, a quick update…

After months of planning and preparing, I am finally on Erasmus in Oulu Finland. This is something I’ve been working towards for the last six months and I’m over the moon that it is now a reality.

So far, I’m loving the country and the culture. It is a huge difference to the comfort and security of Scotland but it’s an experience that I’m sure will be beneficial in many ways.

In the coming months I’ve got a few exciting adventures planned. I’m going to be venturing to Lapland, Russia, Estonia and I’m sure a few more countries and cities will also be added to the list.

Following me on here, Twitter and of course my Instagram will be the best way to catch up on each adventure as well as new experiences that crop up.

As always thank you guys for reading.

Stay safe, and keep exploring,

F x

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