Roaming Responsibly

Hi Guys,

If you’ve been paying attention on my Instagram you’ll have seen me do a few shoutout posts mentioning a new account. This account is Roam Responsibly and I thought I’d give you some more information about who they are, what they’re doing and what I’m going to be doing with them into the future.

I guess we should start at the beginning, so at the start of this year I saw a few fellow Scottish Instagrammers who I follow mention this account, I did some research into what they were doing and instantly wanted to be a part of it. I started messaging them and from then on in the relationship has really grown.

So who are Roam Responsibly and what are they doing? Well it’s an account that has been setup to promote and raise awareness of the Scottish Access Code. This is a set of rules set out to ensure safe, sustainable and responsible enjoyment for everyone in the Scottish Outdoors. Roam Responsibly, through social media are providing platforms for information on the cause as well as a building of a community to promote events and conservation work throughout Scotland to be shared.

So what am I going to be doing with them? Well at the moment it’s a purely a supportive role and promoting them in certain posts etc. But the most important thing that has happened since the first communication is I’ve now signed the Roam Responsibly charter. This is a document that about 25 other Scottish instagrammers have signed to pledge support to raising this mutual awareness.

So why did I do it? For the last few years it’s been apparent that Scotland’s county side has been misused by all types of society and having seen first hand experience of this last year on a road trip through the highlands (pictures throughout this post) I wanted to be able to promote a better experience for everyone as well as ways to for every person that visits Scotland to continue enjoying our beautiful country in its natural form, something I’ve been lucky enough to many times.

So what does it mean for me and the blog? In simple terms nothing, I will continue to be doing the same photography but now I will be focusing on raising this awareness through producing more Scottish based content. I will also be using the hashtag #roamresponsibly on posts now and this will also lead you to the other creators who are part of the wider campaign. I am also going to be taking part in events run by by the community to further promote the campaign as well as documenting ways in which we can each help keep Scotland looking healthy and diverse.

This is a very exciting campaign and I’m stoked to be part of its journey and development and if you’d like to find out more information on Roam Responsibly please check out their website and have a look at the other people mentioned in the charter or get in contact with me and I can put you in contact with the right people!

As always thanks for reading guys, stay safe and keep until the next post, keep exploring!

F x

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